Intersoft has won a new testing initiative of BaltiVirtual

BaltiVirtual is working in 3D since 1997. They have growing team of 3D experts, uniquely positioned to create state-of-the-art Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences With high quality, low cost VR and AR platforms quickly approaching the market. Intersoft/VServ QA team is testing BaltiVirtual product i.e. HoloTats app on both Android & iOS with different flavors of mobiles and tablets. HoloTats is an augmented reality experience for kids. HoloTats are temporary tattoos that come to life using a free app (iOS & Android) that inspires creativity and enhances imagination!. User watch as these temporary tattoos spring into action on your mobile phone or tablet. Each design is rendered with stunning graphics and comes to life using cutting-edge technology.