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On behalf of the entire ADB/ABI management team, I would like to express our gigantic appreciation for the amazing work done by you and your team on the ABI/CABS project. The endless hours you invested in working on this project, and the dedication you have shown, have greatly impressed the Colorado Bureau of Investigation staff. They are one of the toughest and demanding government agencies. I know you put in an enormous amount of extra time, way beyond what is normal even for a priority project, and this continued much longer than any of us expected. Your efforts were truly the key factor in enabling us to meet our benchmarks in a timely fashion. I am so happy to see your hard work resulting in such success !! Thank you so much. We could not do this project without you.

American DataBank Group CEO June 28, 2018

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First of all, I’d like to thank you once more for the wonderful welcome you extended to me and my colleagues while in India. It was a true pleasure to meet you and the teams in person, and I would love to come back again soon.Secondly, I wanted to contact you with regard to Kapteyn and the feature F3461 which they merged last night. Abhishek and the guys have worked incredibly hard in the face of many issues and blockers that were outside of their control. Their attitude throughout has been impeccable, and they have approached this incredibly challenging feature with enthusiasm and professionalism, even when the circumstances they have found themselves in must have been incredibly frustrating. I appreciate that the nature of software development sometimes requires that teams go above and beyond to deliver an increment to a customer, but in this case I feel the team have really exceeded all expectations. I honestly cannot express how grateful I am personally for their efforts, and would ask that you please relay this to them.There are, as always, a number of learnings to take away from this feature, and the team and I will be addressing these in retro this week. But the bottom line is that the team have had an incredibly complex set of requirements to deliver against, and they have done so in the face of adversity, and that is a fantastic achievement.

BTL Product Owner July 28, 2018

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We are extremely happy with the cfTracker to Java team. We worked them hard under a tight deadline and they responded. Everyone did a great job. You/We have a strong team and we want to keep them engaged and active. Similarly, the current cfTracker/SITS team has done a great job. The SITS reporting module, along with the .NET application housing reports, is top notch. Keep it up!!! We appreciate the team effort.

Citi Financial Project Manager August 31, 2018

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Complio team at Intersoft for consistently delivering top quality development, and for working so closely with us as to define our scope and requirements. I don't know how we would possibly be able to get done as much as we do without the leadership and expertise of Intersoft team! I am truly thankful for consistently going above and beyond to deliver an unparalleled application that has made it easy on ADB to expand our product offerings! The Complio team is the best I have ever worked with, and I look forward to our continued work as we head into an aggressive development calendar in 2018.

American Databank Group Director of Product and Technology August 31, 2018

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I wanted to acknowledge and thank off shore SAM team for dedication and commitment to the included program. Together with offshore team assistance and our team guidance we have made great strides and improvements in SAM and raised the bar for customer service via the many enhancements and suggestions that offshore team has offered and assisted in implementing. I wanted to share how much the includED implementation team appreciated offshore team's sincere dedication, work ethic and desire to enhance our product to make it the best it can be. Thank you

Follett Corporation Customer Solution Manager, includED September 6, 2018

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Thanks! This really is the work of all these hard-working team members! I think that have done a great collaborative job in building the new Proscheduler! Lots of FANTASTIC team work!!
Nice Job on the guidance and management of this effort!

Prometric Project Manager, Technology September 6, 2018

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My sincere thanks for your work on the Bethpage go live. We could not have been successful without your effort.

Open Technology Solutions, LLC Chief Digital Officer September 6, 2018

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Words cannot express our gratitude and satisfaction all of you as well as the other extended team members bring to Follett and the CT projects. You don’t hear our thanks and appreciation often enough, so Thank You very much on behalf of QA and the Follett Management team!

Follett Corporation Director, Quality Assurance September 6, 2018

I wanted to send a note congratulating all of you on the successful completion of the critical phase 1 of project Novus. It has affected every aspect of our technology offering including our hosting partner, hardware infrastructure, all the integrated software (including upgrades for most of them), operating system upgrades (huge one!), integration points with our customers and a completely new architecture for AMTdirect. I would like to give a shout out to everyone at Intersoftto make project Novus a reality for us. You have been a great partner and we look forward to working with you into the next phases of Novus!

AMT direct Chairman & CEO September 6, 2018

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We had a scenario yesterday where we had to ‘turn on a time’ with the way we were doing some estimates to help ONFS control our stakeholder. Himanshu and team went above and beyond to get Sean and I just what we needed. In addition to delivering really well for the project, Himanshu also offers the more strategic/exec information that helps us work effectively with the Business. I know Payal is a great ‘right-hand’ to Himanshu and is equally showing signs of becoming a tech leader. Finally, Sneh and Shipra did a phenomenal job of transitioning and working together for seamless and impactful testing efforts and helping our ONFS BA really understand the app. All of this under Ankit’s and Neeraj’s guidance.

Centric Consulting Project Manager September 6, 2018

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We are very close to the release of Retirement Planner app for RMs and our management and business teams are very excited and happy with the work done by tech teams and testing team under Romil. I want to pass this appreciation to you and the entire team for all the hard work put in to make it a success. Vivek your leadership and excellent coordination with DBS team is very much appreciated. Thanks for all your efforts.

VP Technology DBS Bank, Singapore September 6, 2018

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At three separate times, and for three separate tasks/projects during the management meeting today I heard someone say "IT did an incredible job of..." and "IT jumped all over that..." I have told Toshi several times, but you need to hear this too: you guys are the best tech team I have ever had. And that includes the offshore team as well.
We are getting through a tough part of the year and we are doing it with grace and great attitudes. I'm not saying it's easy. It's not. But we are doing it well and maybe even making it look easy. Two more months. Hell yes.

American Data Bank Chairman & CEO September 6, 2018

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We had a great experience working with you guys. Shashank and Team showed a great spirit in completing the tasks on time. The past 18 months were full off challenges and tight deadlines. Amazing this is we never missed the deadline due to your hard work. We wish you a great success in your next assignment.

Citi Financial Project Manager November 15, 2018

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I wanted to fill you and your team in on our launch... we had a very successful couple of days in New York City with various press and media activities. The domestic version has been really well received and over the past two days, we have hit new traffic highs, far out-reaching our previous highs from our international launches last year. So, all in all, a good success so far and we hope for even more in the coming weeks. A big thank you to you both and your team for your hard work and long hours the past few weeks in finalizing everything for us. It has truly been a team effort and we couldn't have gotten here without you!

US Travel Association Director, Interactive Marketing & Partnerships February 28, 2019