Application Re-Engineering

Businesses change rapidly and for companies to keep their competitive edge, it is sometimes necessary for businesses to reengineer and maybe even sunset their legacy systems to keep up with business demands.

Application reengineering helps businesses in their goals to achieve any/all of the following criteria

  • Reduce expensive licensing costs by supporting older software technologies
  • Reduce support costs needed to maintain these older software technologies
  • Reduce people specific dependencies that have been built over the years in supporting older legacy systems
  • Enhanced performance and the ability to scale the user base
  • Provide a better user experience to end users of the system

Our team follows a well-defined methodology for re-engineering in order to achieve client end goals.

Our team has been able to ensure client satisfaction by being able to provide highly cost effective services using the onshore offshore hybrid model. As a part of the reengineering effort apart from the S/W Development and Testing, our focus areas include

  • Application Review and Understanding by studying artifacts including Architecture and Design documentation, Test Cases and User Guides.
  • Project Management expertise to ensure that the project milestones and deadlines are tracked, managed and effectively communicated.
  • Organizational readiness and training to help the operational team get ready to support the reengineered application.
  • Application maintenance until the client’s IT organization is able to transition over to maintaining the reengineered system.