ETL/Data Warehousing

We have been doing business with major global enterprises, enhancing their capabilities by developing applications which in turn become the backbone of the business of these enterprises. We have expertise in developing applications across different domains including Healthcare, Finance, Legal and Mortgage & Default. We have collaborated with our clients to successfully deliver systems which give them a distinct competitive edge.

Data is one of the most valuable assets in almost any Enterprise. Companies have been gathering data over the years in many distinct and sometimes disparate systems and want to be able to see all of this information together. Some of these data have been stored in older systems that are being retired or upgraded to a newer system. The data in these older Legacy systems always need to be migrated to make it useful. There is always a need of data build-up to construct an efficient warehouse for multiple dimensions, measures and to cater to the overall perspective to the historical as well as point in time data. The data in a system is driven by different business rules and business logic which transform the data dynamically making the data migration a complex process. When data is moved to new data structure, performance and functional issues need to be considered to ensure that data which has been migrated is easily retrieved for the user to.

We can proudly boast of successfully carrying out data migration for many of our clients including CitiFinancial, Walmart, PEPSICO, Ascension Health and Lender Processing Services. We have proven expertise in the areas of data extraction, data transformation, data loading, Business Intelligence, Predictive Analysis and Reporting.


Extraction & Transformation
  • Support for multiple disparate sources
  • Data Massaging (Incomplete data, Bad/Non-formatted Data)
  • Data and Schema merging
  • Dynamic Schema Mapping
  • Auto-generation of ETL code
  • Rules based data acquisition and storage
  • Execution of rules using code and Rules Engines
  • Integration of workflow engines for data extraction (generic solution)
Architectures & Warehouse
  • Data analysis and design & master data management
  • Data security management & data warehousing
  • Feeding data into warehouses for reporting
  • Multiple dimensions, measures & thresholds
  • OLAP tools, MDDB & Cube technologies
  • Logical, access, and physical, normalized, dimensional data modeling
  • Snowflake Schema, Star Schema
Intelligence & Reports
  • Business intelligence and data quality improvement
  • Generation of data intelligence using parameter inputs
  • Creating predictive analysis packages based on historical patterns
  • Execution of complex rules using code and Rules Engines
  • Integration of workflow engines for defining outcome (generic solution)
  • SSRS reports, Tableau reports, Informatica, COGNOS reports
Tools Used
  • Design Tools (Erwin Modeller, Toad)
  • ETL Tools (SSIS, Informatica)
  • Reporting & Analytical tools (SSRS, Business Objects, Hyperion, MicroStrategy, Cognos, Xcelcius)
  • Kimball, Zachman and Inmon frameworks
  • BI Dashboards and guided Navigation Links within Intelligence Dashboards
  • Compliance and data security guidelines awareness